Malta: The MFSA’s discussion paper on virtual currencies

On the 30th of November 2017, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) published a discussion paper on Initial Coin Offerings, Virtual Currencies (VCs) and Related Service Providers. The Authority acknowledged that virtual currencies are certainly an important development in carrying out transactions over the internet but also noted the importance of distinguishing between virtual currency …

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The Introduction of Virtual Currencies in Malta

Mission Statement: Virtual Currencies Malta Dr. Werner & Partner are keenly following the regulation and legalisation of virtual currency operations in and throughout Malta (and therefore within the EU). Our own legal team is working closely with the lobby and regulative officials to be able to assist clients from a very early stage of the …

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Tax Dodger or Tax Man Dodger?

Whenever, on a professional or nonprofessional level, you tell people what you do and where you live, people tend to throw you into the same drawer: tax dodger. I have been writing many articles about so many other reasons why a move makes sense, so I will give you, in bullet points, a very small repetition: …

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Finanzlizenz in Malta

Obtain a licence for financial services in Malta – My advice

In a number of occasions of the last months I have been asked if I could assist with obtaining a licence for financial services in Malta. Some people still have a very wrong impression on how to become financially licenced in Malta. “A few papers and my passport and then we can start in a …

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Moving to Malta: Land of milk and honey?

A few times I have been asked by friends and clients if it’s worth it to move to Malta. I would like to give “no” as an answer. If the obvious does not appear to you it might just not be right for you. But of course I don’t tell them no but always take …

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Maltesische Flagge

The perfect client – Dr. Werner & Partner

For a lot of businesses and clients we cannot recommend to establish a company in Malta. It’s either because of the costs for substance or because of the tax treatment under BEPS that makes a setup in Malta expensive and burdensome. The following question therefore arises rightfully: Who should setup a company in Malta? What …

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Was ist BEPS?

What is this BEPS everyone is talking about?

At Dr Werner & Partner the incorporation of company in Malta is only one aspect of our service – to be honest, from the overall procedures and effort it’s one of the smaller aspect. People ask us “Why don’t you help me with setting up a LTD in Malta, all my business partners have one”. …

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